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Sharing is the best way to enjoy a dinner party or for any occasion. Here we help get you started on how to create your own.

Sharing Platters for every kind of party

There is nothing more pleasurable than the sharing of food that brings people together.

This is why the Hampstead Kitchen was set up to present stylish food for sharing with family & friends. The concept of sharing isn’t just for a casual home environment. We found this is a great icebreaker for business meetings, and actually is conducive for creating a successful meeting.

I have experienced far too many traditional three course meals where everyone sits awkwardly, twiddling their thumbs between courses. Sharing means you have to communicate with others on the table and rub shoulders with your neighbouring diner passing food up and down the dining tables.

It is this sharing concept that has now grown and can be applied to most cuisines. We focus on food from cultures, which is based on the sharing concept. Which means we tend to focus on Mediterranean dishes especially Spanish, Italian & Greek. Our most requested sharing menus are from the Middle East & Persia. This is mainly as the food is very vibrant and colours with pomegranates, fig, and rose petals. A feast for the eyes.

How to create a sharing menu

Select a protein, start off with roast chicken, try a few dips, a salad and add some bread. You can then start adding an array of different dishes. Houmous – This is a dirty word in our kitchen. We know you all love it, but we like to give something a little more interesting.

Our best selling & most requested dip Booraniyah Esfenaj, (“Magic Dip” ) given its name by the wife of an ex American President who thought it was the most magical thing she had ever eaten. Give your guests or friends a mouthful of magic and try out it out! Click here for the recipe!

The Magic Dip..

Check out our recipes to help you build your own sharing platter menu. All recipes

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